Roumiana Tsankova



Name: Roumiana Strashimirova Tsankova

Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria

Official address: Technical University at Sofia (TU-Sofia)

8 Kl. Ochridski blvd, bl.3

1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone:+359 2 965 3243

E-mail: rts@tu-sofia.bg


Relevant Education: Master degree Engineer DiplomaTechnical University at Sofia

Post Graduated CourseElectronische Daten Verarbeitung” - Otto von Guericke University at Magdeburg, DDR

PhD. Diploma - Information Management Systems, Bulgaria

DrSc. DiplomaInformation Management Systems, Bulgaria

Relevant Professional Experience: Head of Centre for media communication and technology at TU-Sofia since 2013, full prof. at Technical University-Sofia since 2004, assoc. prof. at TU-Sofia since 1986 till 2004.

Lectures, seminars and labs on the following subjects: Informatics, Computer Applications, Databases, Information technologies, e-Governance, Internet services, e-Commerce.

Prior Experience: Responsible in the Management Faculty at Technical University-Sofia for specialty “Public Administration”., 2006-2009

Head of Dept. in national Institute of Higher Education., 1982-1987

Secretary of the national Council for secondary school educational software., 1985-1986

Creation and implementation of University Information Management System., 1975-1981

Creation of Limits and Methods for postgraduate Education., 1986

Creation and implementation of national System for Computer-based Choice of Students in Bulgaria., 1984-1988

Head of scientific Unit in the Central Bulgarian Institute “Orgproject”., 1968-1973

Creation and implementation of System for Management Process Automatisation in a big mechanical Plant., 1966-1967

Member of the International Organizations:

SAI Bulgarian Union for Automation and Information 1997 till now.

E-Governance - Head of the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific Conference “E-Governance”

NISPAcee -The Network of Institutes and schools of Public Administration in central and eastern Europe, 2006 till now

Journal of Electrical Engineering – Editorial Board Member , 2013 till now

International Symposium Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD) – Program Committee member, 2011 till now

Workshop on Behavioural Modelling – Foundations and Applications (BM-FA), Reviewer, 2013 till now

International Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM) – Reviewer, 2012 till now

ACM – Association for Computing Machinery, 1994-2002

IEEE – The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 1995-2003, 2015

IASTED – The International Association of Science and Technology for Development - 1995 - 2006

International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital Ecosystems (MEDES) – Program Committee member, 2013 till now

Who is Who in the World – Biography published, since 1995.

Fields of research interests (Key words): Data Modelling, Computer-based Training, Information Systems Modelling (incl. Geographic Information Systems), e-Governance, High Performance Database Systems, Interoperability, Data Mining, Knowledge Management, Heterogenious Information Integration, On-line collaboration, Web based Videoconferencing.

Experience in European Community Programs:

·                Head of the Erasmus project for students and lecturers Mobilities in the field of Information Technologies and Business Administration., 2007-2009

·                Coordinator of the Tempus project No1674 Computer-based Environmental Studies., 1991-1994

·                Technical University coordinator of the Tempus project No 7521 New Information Technologies and Environmental Education., 2004-2007

·                Technical University coordinator of the Copernicus project No 636 Software Support System for the SME’s., 2005-2008

Experience in National Programs:

·               Head of the national projectCentre for Scientific and Education on e-Governance”., 2008-2012

·               Creation and implementation of national System for Computer-based Choice of the Students in Bulgaria., 1984-1988

·               Creation and implementation of System for automatisation of the Higher School Educational Process Management., 1975-1981

·               "Career development system of the academic staff of the Technical University - Sofia" PROJECT ¹ BG051PO001-3.1.09-0006, January 2013 – November 2014

·               "Development of Virtual Console for management and moderation of videoconferencing system events" Project ¹121PD0047-15, 2012


Scientific Publications: more than 160 (incl. 45- in English language, 5- in German language,17- in Russian language).


20.11.2015, Sofia                 R. Tsankova



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