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The Academic  System of Information & Statistic - "AsiS"
iх the Technical University at Sofia

  • The begin of Academic System  of Information & Statistic-"AsiS" in the environment of global network 
  • Академична Система за Информация и Статистика-"АсиС" в условията на глобална мрежа 


    Cvetana Shentova,
    Rumiana Mushmova,
    Vladimir L.Stanchev,
    Antoaneta Mihailova 
    Rumiana Gancheva (USA).
  • In the beginning of the year 1989, (a new internal computer network national and academic network including working with leased lines in the global networks such as BITNET, EuNet, Internet etc. of the year 1992) provided the opportunity to create an Academic Information System "ASIS", which works with distributed databases for the teaching process - local department databases and a central database.

  • The main task of the project is the extension and improvement of the system, which needs to be adequate to the development of the hardware and to the constant increase of the data flow.

  • Seminars & Conferenceses: 1989-98.

  • Start Date: The ASIS started in 1989.

  • For additional information or comments please email to Vl. L. Stanchev at the Technical University in Sofia. Last Update: 1998.